Basundi Recipe | Easy To Make BEST Basundi Recipe

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Basundi is a royal and delicious milk recipe. Basundi recipe is mainly made in Gujarat as well as all over India. Almonds and pistachios add sweetness to this rich and creamy recipe, This makes basundi sweet.

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Basundi is an Indian sweet dish popular in Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. Let’s try Basundi Recipe If you want to entertain guests or make something sweet and special for dinner, try this sweet basundi. This recipe comes in (Indian sweets) with condensed milk recipes Indian.

Which Ingredient is required? How to make Basundi? Make basundi as you give below. Let’s look at two methods. You will also learn how to make instant basundi quickly.

Tips For Basundi Recipe

If you are new to cooking, these tips can help you make the best basundi.

When cooking basundi, hold the pan and stir evenly with a flat spoon, so that the basundi becomes thick. And would be perfect creamy too

It is very important to keep stirring the milk while boiling it. Because burnt milk will change the taste of Basundi.

To make a thick and delicious basundi, use whole-fat milk. Avoid using soft milk.

Adjust the amount of sugar according to your taste.

Basundi Recipe | Easy To Make BEST Basundi Recipe

This basundi recipe is an instant and easy recipe for sweet thick milk.

  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Cook Time: 20 mins
  • Total Time: 30 mins

Basundi Recipe | Make BEST Basundi Recipe 

Method 1


6 liters of milk

2 cups sugar

Half a teaspoon of Veladoda powder

Tablespoon nutmeg powder

2 tbsp Charoli

2 tablespoons almond slices

Tablespoon saffron

How To Make Basundi Recipe

Step 1

In a large saucepan, or pan, or frying pan, keep a large amount of gas in it and simmer with enough milk at a time.

Step 2

Keep stirring as you milk so that it does not drip down. Also, keep a spread steel bowl in it so that it does not overflow.

Step 3

When half the milk in the pot is full, keep it down. Stir frequently so that the cream does not stick. When all the milk is thick, add sugar and heat well.

Step 4

Takedown and add saffron, valerian powder, nutmeg powder, almond-pistachio slices, and charoli.

Step 5

Keep in cold water or in the fridge. Heat the saffron in a bowl while adding the saffron. Crush by hand, pour two teaspoons of hot milk on it then pour in the skim milk.

Or you can get orange milk masala in the market these days. Wearing it means you don’t have to wear saffron. This basundi will be enough for six to seven people.

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Method 2


4 liters of milk

2 to 3 cups sugar

10-15 Veladoda powder

50 gms Charoli

10 grams of cashew nuts

10 grams pistachios

How To Make Basundi Recipe

Step 1

First, boil all the milk once. Stir with the left and dissolve the cream in it.

Then place the brass layer on the stove, add 2 to 3 cups of milk and stir with a steel fork.

Step 2

The milk is thickened, thickened, and slightly browned. Pour it into another bowl. All such milk should be skimmed.

Add sugar and stir. Stir constantly.

Step 3

Once the sugar is dissolved, take it down, add half crushed Charoli and cardamom powder and mix well.

Step 4

Then take out the prepared Basundi in a pot and spread cashew-pistachio slices on it.

Basundi should be kept in the fridge or in a bowl of cold water one day in advance. That means it tastes better. This basundi will be enough for 5-6 people.

1 Cup Basundi Nutrition 

Cal 400

Carbs 30g  25%

Fat 24g  44%

Protein  38g  31%

Activity Needed to Burn:

400 calories


Hour of Cycling


Minutes of Running


Hours of Cleaning

Conclusion For Basundi Recipe 

Now we have seen How to make Basundi Recipe (Recipe of basundi). We learned to make (recipe for basundi). If you like this recipe, don’t forget to comment and share. Visit Home Page.

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